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Can the IRS garnish your wages?

Wage garnishment is the government’s legal right in an attempt to collect unpaid back taxes. The IRS can not only garnish your pay check, they can also attach the garnishment to your social security benefits and pension benefits.

Prior to issuing a garnishment, he IRS will send you a “FINAL NOTICE” with a 30 day deadline allowing you time to voluntarily resolve your unpaid back tax debt. If you don’t take an action within 30 days, the IRS can garnish your wages or any other source of income. The IRS can leave a single taxpayer, paid weekly with as little as $234.62 for the pay period.

Wage garnishments can be very stressful both emotionally and financially on any individual, and can be especially stressful for families . It can become nearly impossible to feed your family and meet basic living expenses with the wage garnishment. We specialize in working with individuals and families experiencing wage garnishments and help to resolve unpaid back tax debt. Every client is a priority to us and we exhaust all efforts necessary to release a wage garnishment. If you are currently experiencing a wage garnishment due to unpaid back taxes or know someone who is, please call us today at 1-855-605-1500.

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