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How can you avoid becoming a victim to the IRS scams?

The imposters are out in every industry with one objective: MONEY! The following are some of things that you can be aware of in order to avoid become a victim to one of these IRS Scams:
1. Do not believe that someone from the IRS is calling you. The IRS will first always send you a letter informing you of the tax issue or the unpaid tax. The letter will most likely have the IRS agent’s name, phone number, fax number and badge ID number. Every IRS agent has a badge number.
2. The IRS will never ask you for money over the phone or give you few hours to few days to deposit the money. The IRS will give you an opportunity to present your case, facts and will make every effort to work with you.
3. If you receive a notice in the mail, please check the notice on the IRS website to make sure its legit at
4. If you are unsure of the IRS agent or a notice, please feel free to call TIGTA at 1- 800-366-4484.
5. Do not give credit card information over the phone or deposit money in anyone’s account.

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