At Lifeback Tax, our goal is help our taxpayers with a structured resolution based on their financial situation to elevate the burden of back taxes owed to the IRS/State. Each taxpayer is different and has its own unique story. We at LifebackTax work with taxpayers all across the United States and help them settle their tax debt with the IRS/State. Our team and I personally wanted to share some of our recent success stories and some amazing work we have accomplished for our taxpayers.

Below are some recent success stories that I proudly wanted to share:

  1. Selwyn Y. owed the IRS for over $150,000 and we were able to settled his entire tax debt for $7,714.00 with $80,000 equity in his real estate.
  2. Tina H. owed the IRS over $13,000 and her entire tax debt was settled for $250.00.
  3. Kevin A. came on board as client with three open bank levies totaling over $5,000.00. Our firm was successfully able to release all the bank levies. We reviewed the reason that caused him to owe the debt, filed over his tax returns, and his entire debt with the IRS or $147,000 was completely eliminated for tax year 2014. The taxpayer also owed the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) over $14,000 which was also eliminated for the client.
  4. M. Diarra owed the IRS over $45,000.00 and his entire tax debt was settled for $ 4,552.00.
  5. Diana S. owed the IRS over $16,000 and her entire tax debt was settled with the IRS for only $1,136.00.
  6. D. Saenz owed the state of Maryland over $64,000.00. The balance occurred due to joint filing with her spouse. The taxpayer was not liable for the entire debt. Lifeback Tax was able get an Innocent Spouse accepted for the client. Ms. Saenz balance was reduced from $64,000 to $11,707.94. Lifeback Tax successfully worked on the release of DMWE license hold and placed the account on a monthly payment plan for $200.00 enabling the client to pay off the remaining balance.

Lifeback Tax been in business for close to nine years now. We have served thousands of taxpayers and saved millions in back taxes. If you or someone you know owes for back taxes, please reach out to Lifeback Tax and see how we can help them get their life back