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The Quick Guide To Understanding CP508C Notice

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Why Did I Receive CP508C Notice?

The IRS sends CP508C Notice to inform you when your tax debt is determined to be “seriously delinquent.” Your tax debt is determined by Internal Revenue Code Section 7345.  Upon notice of your seriously delinquent debt, the IRS will submit evidence of your debt to the U.S. State Department.

What Is “Seriously Delinquent” Debt?

You may find yourself asking “what is seriously delinquent debt?” Basically, seriously delinquent tax debt means that a taxpayer’s unpaid debt totals to over $53,000. This amount includes interest and penalties. In order to be considered delinquent, you must owe over $53,000 of debt that:

  • A levy has been issued for, or
  • A notice of a federal tax lien has been filed and all possible resolutions (under Internal Revenue Code Section 6320) have expired

What Will Happen If I Receive CP508C Notice?

Seriously delinquent tax debt is a serious matter! Therefore, it only makes sense that the U.S. Department of State may take action against you upon certification of your delinquent debt. The most important thing to remember is: while the United States Department of State can deny the issuance of a new passport or the renewal of a passport, they cannot revoke a passport that has already been issued to you.

What Do I Do To Resolve CP508C Notice?

CP508C Notice may have you tossing and turning at night. Although it is scary, CP508C is also easy to resolve. The IRS will gladly reverse the certification under these circumstances:

  • The certification is false or invalid
  • The tax debt is no longer seriously delinquent
  • The tax debt has become fully satisfied or legally unenforceable

Unless your circumstances falls under one of the categories listed above, then you’re must to take action to resolve this notice. Taxpayers who cannot pay the amount owed in full have the option of reversing the delinquent certification through:

  • Entering into an installment agreement
  • Entering into an Offer In Compromise (OIC) agreement
  • Suspending the delinquent debt through requesting Innocent Spouse Relief under Internal Revenue Code Section 6015
  • Requesting a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing regarding the levy issued against the debt.

Ultimately, there are many methods available to resolve the effects of CP508C Notice. If you plan on traveling, then you must immediately take action to revoke the certification of your delinquent debt. Once the IRS declares your debt seriously delinquent, they will immediately notify the Department of State.

The IRS offers many Fresh Start programs designed to relieve debt. The Lifeback Tax team has been able to achieve countless settlements through these programs. If you are still struggling with how to handle your CP508C Notice, contact us today to get your life back.

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