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    Tax notice from 2015

    Hi, Jake! Welcome. You are definitely in the right place :) I think our company director @rajneet would know the answer to this question!
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    The IRS is now utilizing QR codes in order to allow taxpayers to scan in codes for notice CP14 and CP14 1A!

    Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay The CP14 and CP14 IA will now come with QR codes printed on the forms. These codes allow taxpayers to directly access pertinent information on the IRS website without having to contact the IRS directly. Once taxpayers scan in the QR code with their smartphone...
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    Estimated Tax Payments for Third Quarter due September 15!

    Who needs to pay quarterly? Typically, sole proprietors, partners and S corporation shareholders who expect to make over $1,000 should be making quarterly estimated tax payments. Individuals with income not subject to withholding, interest, dividends, capital gains, alimony and rental income...
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    The Important of Estimated Tax Deposit Payments

    The majority of taxpayers are oblivious to the importance of estimated tax deposit payments. What are Estimated Tax Deposit Payments (EFTPS)? EFTPS payments are advanced payments on taxes expected to be owed on the earned income at the end of the year when the tax return is filed. The types of...
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    If You Owe the IRS in Back Taxes, Don't Become a Victim of the Offer In Compromise Mill Scam as Listed by the IRS!

    Hi, Harold! Yes, you still can. Most tax pros do work year round and Lifeback Tax not only resolves debt for clients year round-- they offer remote consultations as well :)