If You Owe the IRS in Back Taxes, Don't Become a Victim of the Offer In Compromise Mill Scam as Listed by the IRS!


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There are hundreds of companies that promise taxpayers they can settle their tax debts for pennies on the dollar and charge the client hefty fees in doing so. Most of the time, taxpayers do not qualify for the OIC and they are left with
thousands of dollars in fees on top of the already owed debt. Last year, 54,000
Offers In Compromise were submitted to the IRS-- the IRS only accepted 18,000 of those offers.

At Lifeback Tax, we also represent clients before the IRS to settle their tax returns.
However, the difference at LifeBack is that we genuinely care about our clients and work to resolve their debts through whichever channel best suits their needs and financial status. We come across countless clients who end up working with us after having a bad experience with another tax firm! We advise clients that at Lifeback Tax we will help get their lives back through structured resolutions. These structured resolutions can come in the form of an OIC, payment plan, partial payment plan, penalty abatement or the hardship status. Our goal for each client is to help them reach a resolution based on the client's circumstances and financial ability to pay.

We recommend taxpayers to be proactive and research their preferred tax firm/professional before acquiring their services in order to prevent themselves from falling victim to a scam! Listed below are some guidelines to follow when hiring a tax professional.

Guide To Selecting a Tax Professional:

How many years has the professional been in business?

You want to make sure that the professional you select has the skills,
knowledge and experience to get you the results that you want.

How many taxpayers’ IRS problems has the professional personally solved in the last year?

Representing taxpayers with IRS problems is a highly specialized area. Most
accountants and attorneys have very little personal experience in solving IRS problems.

What is the professional’s ‘Track Record’?
You only want to hire a Tax Resolution Professional with a successful track record. Ask for specific information about the professional’s success rate.

Does the professional have actual experience handling your type of case?

While many attorneys and accountants have tax experience, you will want to
make sure that the professional you hire has actual, hands-on experience in solving your specific type of problem.

How will the professional keep you information about your case?

You want to be comfortable with the frequency of communications you will
receive from the professional handling your case. You also want to make
sure that you will receive all copies of all communication between the professional and the IRS.


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Good information to keep in mind-- thank you.. can i still hire a pro to absolve my debt even though tax season is over..?


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Good information to keep in mind-- thank you.. can i still hire a pro to absolve my debt even though tax season is over..?
Hi, Harold! Yes, you still can. Most tax pros do work year round and Lifeback Tax not only resolves debt for clients year round-- they offer remote consultations as well :)